Recommended Resources

Sep 22, 2016

There are lots of great resources out there for the front-end developer who wants to keep learning. I know that I've been able to glean much just from joining and listening to the right sources. Here's a list of my favorite people/blogs/podcasts to listen to. Get ready for a huge link list!


There are a ton of really smart people on Twitter, most of whom I don't get a chance to talk to on a regular basis (if ever, actually). But I can "listen in" on their public conversations and chime in when I have something to offer.

I've grouped these people by the main topics they talk about.



Angular 2



I'm sure I missed some people on this list. It can't be comprehensive. But hopefully its a start for you.

Consider also following any of the accounts for meetups in your local area. For example, here in Utah where I live, UtahJS, ReactJS Utah, Ionic Utah are on my radar too.


Blogs are great for laying out a lot of content/ideas so they take more time to consume. Time is of the essence and I generally won't read a blog post unless its very interesting to me. Here are the ones I watch.


News outlets aren't blogs really, but its great to stay in the loop about technology in general. Oh Twitter is looking to sell? Microsoft has the most open-source contributors on Gihutb? What's Google's latest hardware project? It's a good idea to be generally informed on technology.