The 👍 and 👎 parts of React

Nov 30, 2017

I've yet to reach the point in my career where I'm attached to a single framework. I've used Angular 2+ heavily for the last year at work, have recently rewritten and Angular 1 app in React, and have chosen to use Vue for my personal projects for now. These are some of my thoughts on what I found to be some good and bad parts of React.

The Good

  • An extremely healthy ecosystem exists around React. This is honestly the biggest win that I love as a developer. Sharable components, alternative libs, build toolkits, and even React alternatives are
  • Testing is amazingly easy, Enzyme's shallow render is awesome!
  • ‎small components
  • ‎Plays nicely with existing js libs, as well as modules
  • Tooling is great, be able interact with your components, data stores is so nice

The Bad

  • decision fatigue
  • ‎Requires understanding of some FP concepts
  • ‎HOCs get out of control